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Adola natural - Ethiopia | 250g

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Flavour profile: A very sweet juicy cup and a little bit funky with notes of blueberries and a hint of dried raspberries, and passionfruit. With a silky mouthfeel, and a lingering aftertaste.
Colour: Dark blue
Category: Adventurous
Producer: Israel Degfa, of the company Kerchanse
Washing Station: Adola. A privately owned, communal washing station.
Number of delivering farmers: about 2000 smallholding with an average of 1-2 hectares per farm.
Harvested: November 2019 - January 2020
Varietal: Indigenous wild varietals
Processing: Natural processed
Area: Guji Zone in the Oromia region
Altitude: 2100 masl
Roast style: Light to medium to enhance the light, juicy mouthfeel with loads of fruity and floral notes.

Natural coffee from Ethiopia is deliciously funky and fruity! Letting the coffee dry in its cherry is the traditional way of processing coffee for personal consumption as well as for commodity coffee in Ethiopia. It is a sensitive process that can give the coffee a fermented taste profile, unless it is done carefully. At Adola, the grade one coffee cherries are carefully sorted and dry for over 25 days. The natural process suits the floral yet citric profile of Ethiopian coffee very well and keeps more body in an already vibrant cup as well as some extra sweetness from the natural processing,

This is the fifth year in a row that we are buying coffee from Israel Degfa, the only private producer we are working with in Ethiopia. Israel has become a good friend of ours and we want to support his work on sustainability.

Ethiopia is one of our favourite origins. Its’ taste profile and culture are both diverse and interesting. The Arabica coffee plant was first found growing wild in Ethiopia and Yemen, and then Ethiopia became the motherland of coffee. About 6,6 million bags are produced in the country every year, of which almost half is kept in the country for local consumption.
We hope you will enjoy this sweet adventurous coffee that is a little bit out of our safe zone! :)