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Santa Ana - El Salvador | 250g

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Sweet and clean chocolate and nuts in this lot from the Santa Ana volcano, produced together with Aida Batlle

  • A nutty & rich coffee
  • Producer: Claudia Mathies Rank
  • Region: Santa Ana
  • Altitude: 1300 masl
  • Varietal: Bourbon
  • Process: Natural
  • Harvest: March 2021

This lot is part of the Batlle family project, driven mainly by Aida Batlle, the sixth generation of the family to produce coffee, for almost 2 decades. Aida is a true trailblazer in the coffee world, having been the first woman to win a Cup of Excellence, the inaugural Salvadoran competition in 2003. Fleeing to Miami during El Salvador’s brutal Civil War, Aida returned to the family’s farms in the late 90’s. Although much of the coffee from the farms was pre-contracted to a local buyer, Aida was free to experiment on the highest plot of land, with the highest quality potential, Finca Kilimanjaro. It was not long after this that her attention to detail paid off, and the Cup of Excellence win opened the doors not only for the Batlle farms, but for a wider quality revolution in El Salvador. Since then, Aida has worked with some of the finest roasters across the world, innovating in new varietals, processing techniques, the export of cascara, and developing direct trade models. This coffee was grown by Claudia Mathies Rank at her farm Finca El Paraiso, which lies further down the slopes of the Santa Ana volcano, not far from the town of Santa Ana itself. The volcanic soils of Santa Ana are very fertile, leading to excellent yields as well as quality. Cherries are then transported to the Batlle family mill, Beneficio Las Tres Puertas, for processing. As with all Batlle family coffee, expectations are high, only the ripest red cherries are used, fermentation protocols are followed to the letter, and coffee is stored and dry-milled under exacting conditions. This lot is 100% Bourbon from Claudia’s farm, processed using the natural method, giving a rich chocolate and nut experience, punctuated by some soft ripe fruit, like a sweetened cherry.