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Altos natural - Costa Rica | 250g

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Our eighth year purchasing the lot which started our relationship with Mauricio, the clean and elegant natural Catuai.
  • One of the cleanest and finest naturals we taste year after year.
  • A fruity & rich coffee
  • Producer Mauricio Vindas
  • Varietal Catuai
  • Process Natural

Altos del Abejonal sits at 1800 metres above sea level in the Tarrazu region, only 70 kilometres south of the Costa Rican capital San Jose. The Talamanca Sierra runs through the region, with peaks of above 3000 masl. The farm is also close to the regional capital of San Marcos, which sits at 1350 masl and is home to 9000 people, providing the hub to an area famous for its high quality coffee production. The volcanic soil and afternoon cloud cover in the region provides the perfect conditions for Mauricio to produce excellent coffees at Altos.

Where Mauricio’s work really stands out is in fermentation. This is his naturally processed Catuai, the coffee that first led to our relationship with Altos. The coffee is dried on raised beds in cherry over 21 days, to a specific and controlled moisture content, being turned often to avoid over fermentation. This adds a controlled level of ferment character to the cup, just enough to reveal a heavy and intense character of ripe blueberries, along with a high syrupy sweetness. A testament to the importance of careful fermentation, Mauricio’s coffee is one of the cleanest and most transparent naturals we have ever tasted, and we excitedly await its arrival at the roastery each year.