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Carmelita Java - Bolivia | 250g

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Flavour description: A light-bodied cup reminding ofpear cider. The coffee has flavour notes of melted butter, lime and hints of elderflower with a finish of cacao.
Colour: Light lilac
Carmelita Urduvi
Location: Copacabana, Caranavi, Bolivia
Farm Name:
Farm size: 3 hectares
Varietal: Java
Harvest: September 2019
Elevation: 1550 – 1850 MASL
Processing: Fully washed
Fermentation: Full wet for 16 hours, first 8 with no water, then 8 hours with water.
Drying: Mechanical for 46 hours after the professor Favio Borem's guidelines with a quicker drying phase in the beginning and a slower process towards the end of the drying.
Roast: A fairly long profile landing in light to medium roast level. Roasted to present the natural characteristics of the coffee.

We remember when Carmelita planted the Java-varietal at her farm, four years ago. The idea of one of the floral varietal being produced by Carmelita's and her very elegant and crisp taste profiles seemed like a dream-profile. And now, the first production is here! It is a total of 660 kilos of it and we are very excited to present it to you!

Drop Coffee has bought from Carmelita ever since she re-started her farm after being hit by leaf rust. Carmelita is one of the strongest people we have ever met in coffee.We have seen her farm grow from half a hectares with low production to three hectares with beautiful and lush production, all apart of the sustainability program Sol de la Mañana that won the SCA Sustainability Award for Most Sustainable Business Model 2019. Over the past four years, Carmelita has more than tripled the production from when leaf rust hit her farm a decade ago, and we are proud to hold the European exclusivity on the coffee from Carmelita.