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Cerro Azul natural - Honduras | 250g

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Flavour description: This is a sweet and intense cup, reminding of a funky sherry, notes of papaya with a hint ofcacao and a fudgy finish with a note of jasmine.
Category: Adventurous
Colour to describe flavour: Orange
Manager: Enrique Morras & Doña Aide
Owners: Mierisch Family
Farm: Cerro Azul
Mill: Santa Lucia
Varietal: Java (also known as Longberry)
Process: Natural
Location: Rio Bonito community in Siguatepeque in the Comayagua Department
Harvested: December to February 2019
Farm size: 160 manzanas. Producing area about 120 manzanas which is about 75 hectares
Altitude: 1400 - 1650 meters above sea level
Price transparency: The FOB price paid for this coffee is 4,25 US$/lb.
Roast style: Light to medium to enhance the natural sweetness in the coffee.