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Drop Coffee | Carmelita natural - Bolivia

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Flavour description: A very sweet cup, with a creamy mouthfeel giving that medium body. Notes of black cherry, chocolate truffles, and a fizziness reminding of raspberry soda.
Colour: Mature red
Carmela "Carmelita" Urduvi
Location: Copacabana, Caranavi, Bolivia
Farm Name:
Farm size: 3 hectares
Varietal: Caturra & Catuai
Harvest: September 2019
Elevation: 1550 – 1850 MASL
Processing: Natural anaerobic. Put into plastic bags for dry-fermentation for 20 hours before moved to drying-tables, in thin layers and turned over three times per day.
Roast: A fairly long profile landing in light to medium roast level. Roasted to present the natural characteristics of the coffee.

This is a really fun coffee, with loads of sweetness, and we only have a limited amount. Here is a small lot of 360 kilos that our managing director, Joanna, was part of processing together with the Agricafé team at the process station, in August 2019 in Caranavi. It is an anaerobic natural of the Caturra produced by Carmelita.