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Carmelita anaerobic washed - Bolivia | 250g

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Flavour description: A fruity and chocolatey aroma. A complex and sweet coffee with flavour of candy floss and mature red grapes with lots of floral notes reminding ofbuttercup, combined with a white wine acidity. A long-lasting mango flavour in the finish. The coffee is creamywith a medium body.
Colour: Red
Carmela "Carmelita" Urduvi
Copacabana, Caranavi, Bolivia
Farm Name:
Farm size:
Three hectares
November 2020
1550 – 1850 MASL
Anaerobic washed
Mechanical for 46 hours after the professor Favio Borems' guidelines with a quicker drying phase in the beginning and a slower process towards the end of the drying.
A fairly long profile landing in light to medium roast level. Roasted to present the natural characteristics of the coffee.

This is one of our flagship coffees. We have bought from Carmelita ever since she re-started her farm after being hit by leaf rust. Carmela is one of the hardest-working people we have ever met in coffee. We have seen her farm grow from half a hectares with a low yield to three hectares with beautiful and lush production. It has helped to be a part of the sustainability program Sol de la Mañana that won the SCA Sustainability Award for Most Sustainable Business Model 2019. Carmelita has more than tripled her yield compared to before the leaf rust hit her farm a decade ago. We are proud to hold the European exclusivity on the coffee from Carmelita.

This is the very first time we are having the Caturra from Carmelita as Anaerobic processed. We did a small experiment on the natural process as anaerobic last year, when our CEO Joanna joined the processing of the coffee. The flavours got tuned up, a more pointed acidity and more body. We are very excited about how it turned out on the washed Caturra too! Hope you will like it as much as we do.