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Daterra Acaua SH3 - Brasil | 250g

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Cerrado is a savannah that stretches from Brazil to Paraguay and Bolivia. The hilly

landscape is vast plain leaving you with a crystal-clear horizon as far as the eye

can see. The coffee farm, Daterra is located in the Brazilian part of Cerrado and is

founded by Luis N. Pascoal.

About six years ago, Luis approached us asking if we would like to create a coffee

in collaboration with Daterra. We were thrilled by this opportunity and had a vision

of a long-term project where we would grow a sustainable coffee with as few man-

made inputs as possible. The plot has yielded two harvests so far and we call it Our


On the neighbouring field to Our Plot Daterra grows some other experimental

varieties called Acauã and SH3. Acauã is a hybrid of Mundo Novo and Sarchimor.

It seems that SH3 is a Catuai, that has been modified with a leaf rust-resistant gene

from Coffea liberica. The coffee cherries are processed in their micro-mill that is

only used for the masterpiece series and small experiments.

As you open this bag of coffee, you can immediately smell how intense and fruity it

is. This comes from the processing which is an Anaerobic Fermentation. Whole

cherries are put into steel tanks with a valve, so the oxygen is pushed out by

carbon dioxide. This enhances the fruity aromas in the bean and leaves us with a

marriage between the typical roasted nuttiness and molasses with dried, tropical

fruits and a clear fine liqueur feel to it.