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La Catarata honey - Costa Rica | 250g

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Directly traded at one of the best coffee farmers in Costa Rica. In 2019 they won a 5th place in the COE.

Country: Costa Rica

Region: Chirripó

Washingstation: Café Rivense del Chirripó

Variety: Red Catuaí

Process: Black Honey

Altitude: 1600 moh

Harvest: April 2021

Flavor: Intense but balanced with flavor of sweet figs and ripe cherries.

Now for the third year in a row we have La Catarata in our lineup. The 2021 crop has been a huge challange for Cafe Rivense with everything that has happened over the last year. But wow they have nailed it. This is the best crop we have tasted. It reminds us a lot of the 2019 crop, but in our opinion it is even better. The flavor is deep and intense but at the same time super balanced. Especially the flavor of cherries stands out together with the deep fig sweetness. Don't miss this one!

This coffee is very special to us since we love the close partnership, transparency and dialogue that arises when dealing directly with the coffee farmer. And besides that, it is also very special, because it just tastes delicious!

The coffee berries are picked when ripe and then dried on raised beds. The coffee is processed according to the method called Black Honey. This simply means that the berry shell itself has been removed, but the sugar layer (mucilage) is retained. Mucilage has a golden color, is sweet and sticky, hence the name honey processed.

No water is used to transport the berries, and while the beans dry in the sun wrapped in their own natural sugar layer, they only get better. Black Honey processed coffee is usually known for its great sweetness, good mouthfeel and tasteful impression