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Fazenda Samambaia anaerobic - Brasil, Clever Coffee | 250g

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Country: Brasilien
Region: Campo das Vertentes
Washing station: SanCoffee
Variety: Yellow Catuaí
Process: Natural - Anaerobic Fermentation
Altitude: 1200 moh
Harvest: September - Oktober 2020

Flavor: Transparent with flavor for sweet grapes, vanilla and wine gum.

Well, I've said it myself before, but then I met Allan from SanCoffee at the World of Coffee in Berlin in the summer of 2019.

He wanted to challenge my attitude towards Brazilian coffee. Already with the first samples I tasted from them convinced me of something else. The samples he brought with him were roasted in the typical very dark roasted manner as they are most often in the producing countries, but I could taste the potential.
Since then we have been in close dialogue and when I got samples home that I could shake with our profile, I was sold. These are the best coffees I have tasted from Brazil.
In October, we finally managed to find a solution to have the coffee transported from Brazil to Fillerup. Since then I have been waiting in excitement and just before Christmas the coffees finally landed. I have tested and tasted over Christmas and New Year, and yes you can look forward to this coffee. It is sweet and soft and delicious. I have described the taste, as sweet grapes, vanilla and wine gum.
That sounds funky doesn't it? The coffee is anaerobically fermented, which tones down the acidity and lets the sweetness emerge. In this coffee, the sweetness becomes almost like wine gum.

Henrique, who today is the man behind Fazenda Samambaia, had not immediately seen that he was supposed to be a coffee farmer. His father doctor José Nominato Cambraia started the farm, as one of his 3 passions, in addition to family and medical deeds. One of his major focus areas was ensuring good conditions for employees.
In 1993, Doctor José died, and Henrique was in the difficult situation of having to take over the farm at the same time as he had just started a promising career as an auditor. But inspired by his father's ability to pursue his passions and both run the farm while pursuing his career as a doctor, Henrique took up the challenge.