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Tambo Colombia - Obadiah Coffee | 250g

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By Felipe Arcila

Region - Cauca

Process - Washed

Variety - Castillo, Caturra

Grown at 1700 masl

This farm is owned and run by our friends at Cofinet and is named after the local town El Tambo. We have a close relationship with the Arcila family and enjoy working with their exceptional quality coffees. We have exclusivity over this coffee in the UK, as we were lucky to purchase the entire container from the most recent harvest. We plan to visit Felipe and Jairo in the summer of 2021 to see first hand where and how their delicious coffees are grown. We are currently running a series on the Arcila family, showcasing three different coffees over the months between September and December this year. You can read more about these coffees on our retail website,

This coffee has been farmed by about 30-40 growers, and Felipe knows them all by name. All the coffees are grown about 1700masl, and there is no mechanical drying, it's all shade dried. The area is relatively humid so the air drying takes around 20 days. Coffees are delivered to the mill via a public bus - the sacks are strapped to the top of the bus!

Tambo is located in the south-western part of Colombia and it is considered the agricultural pantry for the Cauca department and the Popayan metropolitan area. The close proximity with Colombian Massif mountains offers the region important agro-environmental benefits, allowing the region to be the first Chontaduro producer for the conutry (also known as Chachipay) and a great producer of coffee.

Tasting of dark chocolate and clementine.