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Gitesi - Rwanda | 250g

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Washed Bourbon

(250G / 8.8OZ)

The Gitesi washing station in Rwanda is run by father and son Alexis and Aime Gahizi. The station is located just outside the Gitesi village in the Karongi region, and was built as part of a community rebuilding effort after the village was practically destroyed in the unrest surrounding the tragic 1994 Rwandan genocide. More recently, a Technoserve program allowed investment in the mill and in quality, allowing the mill to go from battling bankruptcy in 2010, to winning the Rwandan Cup of Excellence in 2012. As Rwanda is a rather small country with a great number of coffee producers living in rural areas, the density of mills is rather high. This means farmers have a choice of which mill to deliver to, creating a high level of competition between mills for farmers top quality cherries. Gitesi tries to keep a close relationship with their farmers by offering a good price and several modes of agricultural support. They also run a second payment program, where farmers receive a bonus depending on the price Gitesi was able to receive for that season’s harvest. Today most of the running of the mill has been taken over by Aime and the younger generation of the Gahizi family, and the station produces up to 3 containers of high-grade traceable speciality coffee. The family are also proud of the program of support they have been able to create for the small farmers they work with. Gitesi distributes pumps and cows to farmers that have potential to benefit from and get the most out of the animal. A cow on the farm also means organic fertiliser, which should lead to more yield on trees if used well. The cow also produces milk, which the farmer can either sell or keep for his family. There’s also a rule that if the cow becomes pregnant, the calf has to go to the next farmer, sharing the benefit around as many farmers as possible. Aime also has an engineering degree, and has developed a water purification system for the station, in order to reduce the harm waste water can do to local groundwater supplies.

Similar to Burundi, Rwanda grows mainly Bourbon, and the washed process coffees provide a typically bright and acidity driven cup. This lot has a crisp citric character, backed up by floral honey, and a creamy body like a high grown oolong tea.