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Gora Village natural - Ethiopia | 250g

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Elegant, juicy blueberry

Produced by Gora Village Smallholders

Region - Shakisso Woreda, Guji

Harvest - December 2020

Process - Natural

Variety - Gibirinna & Serto

Grown at 2000 - 2100 masl

Gora is the name of the sub municipality where the Gora group of farmers are located, the Gora village is part of the bigger municipality called Uddo Hadamma. This natural lot has been assembled thanks to the contribution of twenty farmers that live in the village of Gora. All the farmers are growing Gibirrina/Serto variety (74110 & 74112) those are local landraces from Guji that had been isolated and selected for their disease resistant qualities.

The coffee is grown beneath the canopy of indigenous trees on rich loam soil typical of the luscious hills of Guji, on average each farmers own 2.5 ha of land dedicated exclusively to coffee growing. All of these farmers are trained in agronomy and post-harvest practices by the "King of Guji", Ture Waji.

What's unique about how these drying stations are managed are the drying beds themselves: each day lot is tracked with a tag for each bed, listing the specific delivery and the start date of drying and relative Moisture Content Readings for each day.