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Hunkute - Ethiopia | 250g

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Flavour description: A delicate and well-balanced cup. Notes of apricot and black tea with citric acidity and a hint of white flower.
Colour: Light lemon yellow
Category: Curious
Producers: Hunkute. The cooperative has 2149 members.
Varietal: Indigenous wild varietals
Washing station: Hunkute Site 2
Location: Dalle, Sidamo
Union: Sidama Union, together with 69 other cooperatives.
Harvested: November 2019 - January 2020
Altitude: 2150 masl
Years of relationship: 9
Price transparency: We have paid US$3.70/lb FOB
Process: Fully washed. The coffee is pulped on the same day as harvested and then fermented for 72 hours. After that the coffee is separated by density in water channels, finally, the coffee is rinsed with clean water and dried on 20-25 days on raised beds before dried-milled.
Roast Style: We are roasting this coffee for vibrancy and clarity in the cup, with a light to medium roast profile.