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Jardines del Eden rum aged- Colombia | 150g

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Tasting of rum, chocolate & peach.

Volumes 150g

By Felipe Arcila

Region - Pijao, Quindio

Harvest - March 2020

Process - Rum aged

Variety - Castillo

Grown at 1900 masl

This coffee is the third and final release in our series of coffees by the Arcila family. Over the coming months, we are featuring three of this families delicious coffees, a honey processed Geisha, a natural Pink Bourbon and a Rum Aged Castillo. Jairo and his son Felipe have produced these coffees to an outstanding level of quality and they are truly unique.

In 2018, the family were requested to experiment using rum barrels in order to produce the best rum aged coffee in the market. They started by fermenting different varietals inside rum barrels for different processing methods such as natural Pink Bourbon, washed Geisha and natural Castillo. The results of this process delivered mild rum notes, which were really enjoyed but they felt more could be achieved. Hence, Felipe started to age the coffee inside rum barrels for 1 week, and on this occasion noticed much more rum intensity. Although ageing the coffee inside rum barrels was intensifying rum flavour in the cup, the raw beans were absorbing moisture content from the environment which was not ideal for a long shelf life.

After months of trial and error Felipe decided to age dried raw beans inside the barrels for 17 days, while making sure no moisture was absorbed by the beans during the ageing process. This was achieved wrapping the barrels with plastic. Later the sample was cupped by the QC team and the result exceeded the families expectations. They had managed to achieve enough transfer of rum into the cup while maintaining the coffees profile and complexity.

We’re excited to bring you this coffee as the second lot in our new Rare series of coffees. Our Rare series will comprise of very limited releases just 2-3 times a year in golden boxes. We hope you enjoy.