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Maria Ramirez - Guatemala | 250g

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One of the finest lots we have tasted from this year’s Huehuetenango harvest, with soft berry jam notes. A fruity & balanced coffee

  • Maria Ramirez Producer
  • Huehuetenango Region
  • 2100 masl Altitude
  • Caturra Varietal
  • Washed Process
  • March 2021 Harvest

Maria and her family have previously worked as labourers for other coffee producers, but purchased this 0.7ha plot 10 years ago.

This lot is one of the finest and most characterful we have tasted from Huehuetenango, and in our opinion this could be for one of several reasons. The farm lies at extremely high altitude, at around 2100 masl, leading to very cool night time temperatures, and therefore slow developing and more complex tasting coffee cherries with high levels of intrinsic sugar. Growing 100% of a high quality varietal like Caturra can also lead to higher quality lots. Finally, Maria and her family have a rather complex and exacting method of processing coffee, based on a washed process like so many in this region. The coffee is first fermented dry for 48 hours after depulping, a rather long period, but in cool and humid conditions like those high in the Huehuetenango mountains, this doesn’t result in over-fermentation. The coffee is then washed thoroughly, removing any of the remaining sticky mucilage layer, before being soaked in clean water for a further 24 hours. This allows for an extra sorting step for floaters, and equalises the moisture content before being taken for drying on traditional patios. Similarly to the double soak processes often used in Kenya, it is also thought that this extra soak softens the cup profile, leading to a full and jammy berry fruit profile, with an interesting creamy yoghurt-like base.