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Kapekener AA Kenia - Obadiah Coffee | 250g

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By the Kapekener Farmers Co-op

Region - Rift Valley

Process - Washed

Variety - SL28, SL34

Grown at 2000 masl

Kapekener Farmers’ Co-operative Society is a medium sized co-op in Kericho County, in Kenya’s Rift Valley Region. The society has 260 members, who cultivate an average of 0.5ha. Altitudes rise in excess of 2,000masl and the farmers cultivate the varieties of SL34, SL28, K7, Ruru 11 and Batian. The co-op also runs an agroforestry project, planting shade trees alongside coffee to improve soil health, increase biodiversity and enhance the growing conditions for the coffee trees.

The coffee is wet processed, where the fully ripe cherries are pulped, fermented for 12 - 48 hours (depending on climatic conditions), washed and then dried slowly over 2 - 3 weeks on raised African beds until the moisture content is reduced to 10-12%. The coffee is then processed at Kipkelion dry mill where it is rested in parchment for 3 weeks before being hulled, cleaned and graded by bean size. Finally, the coffee is carefully handpicked before being bagged in GrainPro for export.

Kapekener wetmill is located in Kericho county in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, south-west Kenya. While the county produces an abundance of speciality coffee, it is famously home to multiple large tea estates and is world renowned for its tea production. Kericho county boasts good altitude and highly fertile soils which typically produce medium-high acidity in the cup.

Tasting of peaches, caramel and jasmine.