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La Loma Pacamara natural - Colombia | 250g

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  • 18,50 €
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  • country colombia
  • region huila
  • producer rodrigo sanchez valencia & claudia samboni
  • variety pacamara
  • process natural
  • altitude 1650 masl
  • flavour notes pineapple, kiwi, winegum

Finca La Loma is located in Vereda Agua Negra in the Pitalito municipality of Huila.
The farm has 12 hectares, which Rodrigo & Claudia have planted with many varieties, including Caturra, Variedad Colombia, Pink Bourbon, Pacamara, Laurina, and Geisha. The mill on the farm includes a depulper and tanks for dry fermentation. Producers Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia and Claudia Samboni have been cultivating coffee on La Loma since 2011.

The Pacamara variety originally comes from El Salvador and is a cross between
Pacas, a natural mutation of Bourbon, and Maragogipe, a natural mutation of Typica.
Rodrigo planted many varieties on La Loma to conduct his own localized studies of
which varieties perform well in the farm’s climate conditions. He introduced
Pacamara to La Loma in 2016 and continues to investigate which processing
methods are best suited to this variety in this location.

This particular lot is extremely limited at only 75kg of green coffee. This coffee is bursting with intense tropical flavours & almost jumps out of the cup into your lap. Such fruit forward coffees are often lighter and more delicate in body, however the careful natural processing done at La Loma has brought out enormous sweetness and a rich structured mouthfeel.

Due to the extremely limited amount of this coffee we have to roast, we have chosen to only offer this as an omniroast suited to a variety of brew methods.