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Las Delicias natural - Nicaragua | 250g

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Flavour description: The coffee has an aroma of sherry. This is a sweet and a little boozy-floral cup, with flavour notes of papaya, cacao and rum raisin and a fudge-like flavour in the finish. The coffee has a medium bodywith a juicy texture.
Colour: Orange
Eleane Mierisch
Las Delicias
Varietal: Java (Longberry)
Process: Natural
Location: Lipululu in Jinotega region
Harvested: February 2020
Farm size:
20 manzanas (about 13 hectares)
Altitude: 1450-1500 masl
Price transparency: The FOB price paid for this coffee is USD per pound 4,8 USD/lb.
Roast style: Light to medium to enhance the natural flavours of the coffee.

This is a very colourful coffee, perfectly suited for Easter or the colourful, longed for spring!

The Java from Las Delicias is delicate and floral, one of the prettiest most well-balanced coffee we have all year and buy loads of year after year. This is a small lot of it, on 552 kilos, that we asked the producer Eleane Mierisch to have processed as a natural, which means that the coffee beans are dried in the coffee cherries. By doing this process, the floral notes in the Java varietal are getting a boozy infusion to it and the sweetness is increased.