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Los Andes SL 28 - El Salvador | 250g

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Flavour description: A nutty and juicy cup, with a light to medium body. The coffee has a lime-like acidity and hints of black currant, with a lasting aftertaste of hibiscus and a bit of a cooling sensation.
Category: Curious
Colour: Light Purple
: Ernesto Menéndez
Farm: Los Andes
Varietal: SL28/34
Process: Fully Washed
Location: Apaneca-Ilamatepec Mountain Range, Santa Ana
Altitude: 1720 masl
: April 2020
Roast style: Light to medium to enhance the natural flavors of the coffee.
Price transparency: The FOB price we paid for this coffee was 4,32 US$ per pound (453,5 grams).

A Kenyan varietal planted in El Salvador over 65 years ago? Yes, try this one!
The Kenyan coffee varietal SL28 is citric and vibrant, often with the flavor of black currant. The terroir from Santa Ana in El Salvador is chocolatey and round. This makes the Los Andes SL28 a very pretty cup profile.

Los Andes is a very interesting coffee produced by an outstanding coffee producer, Ernesto "Neto" Menéndez, a well-known name in the coffee industry. He has won the Cup of Excellence several times, and we are proud to be buying coffee from him. Ernesto started separating the SL28 from the Bourbon for us a couple of years ago, and last year started doing a natural process for us as well. This means you can taste two very unique taste profiles from Los Andes, that have been grown side by side at the farm as well as the bourbon in two different processing methods. This is the SL28 which has some creamy and sweet white grape attributes typical for the El Salvadorian cup profile. The SL28 varietal gives a lasting aftertaste of hibiscus with a lime juice acidity.