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Misiones Java - Colombia | 250g

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  • 15,50 €
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  • Country - Colombia
  • Region - Cundinamarca
  • Washing station - Hacienda Misiones
  • Variety - Java
  • Processing - Fully washed
  • Altitude - 1500-1700 mas
  • Harvest - Dec 2020
  • Flavor - Creamy mouthfeel with notes of sweet maple syrup and pears

A lot of you have asked us, when will Misiones be back. The answer is now, but it's not quite the same as you may remember it. This time it's a Java variety.

Misiones is our oldest Direct Trade partner. We started buying from them back in 2018, where we met them for the fist time a World of Coffee in Amsterdam. From that time Misiones has been a continuing part of our coffee lineup. We are very happy to present this latest variety from them. As always it's fruity and sweet. This coffee has a creamy mouthfeel, it's sweet and balanced with flavors of maple syrup and pears.

It works fantastically as filter, pour over and espresso.