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Drop Coffee | Muiri PB - Kenya

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Flavour description: A crisp and juicy cup with tasting notes of tropical fruit salad and caramel. Light to medium body with a crisp acidity of pink apple, provided by the processing of the coffee.
Colour: Light orange
Category: Comfortable
Producer and owner: Carlos Ureña Ceciliano with daughter Ana Ureña Ceciliano
Farm: Finca La Pira
Region: Tarrazú
City: Santa María de Dota
Farm size: 7 hectares
Altitude: 1650 masl
Harvest: Mid-January to February 2019
Varietal: Catuaí
Processing: White Honey
Roast style: We are roasting this coffee for vibrancy and clarity in the cup, with a light to medium roast profile.

At the absolutely breathtaking farm named La Pira, in Terrazú, Carlos Ureña Ceciliano is using a mixture of his biodynamic philosophy and science and is one of the most talented producers we know, and the reasons La Pira appeared in the Cup of Excellence. For the White honey process, he is letting the coffee cherries sit in rain water before the beans are de-pulped. Doing this makes the sugars in the coffee pulp crystallise. Whatever all the things are that make this coffee so sweet, crisp and complex, we