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Little Pearls - Colombia, DAK Coffee | 250g

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A beautiful balanced, bright and clean coffee from La Victoria in Colombia. Tasting notes of raspberry, pomegranate, lemon and chocolate.

Washed, Geisha, Pink Bourbon, Caturra, Castillo

Altitude of 1800m

The field blend of this microlot is composed of geisha, pink bourbon, caturra and tabi. It has been processed at the Santa Maria station in Huila Colombia from producers at La Victoria association. The member farms are located around the town of Santa Maria, at the foothill of the National Park Nevados de Huila (Huila Volcano). Their presence in the “buffer zone” around the park has a direct influence on the protection of the local environment. Next to that, the association plays a key role in the Santa Maria station, providing manpower for both the Lab and Warehouse activities, but also help us reach the local community of smallholder farmers.