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La Pradera honey - Colombia | 250g

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  • Country - Colombia
  • Region - Santander
  • Washing station - La Pradera
  • Variety - Tabi
  • Processing - Honey
  • Altitude - 1700-1900 mas
  • Harvest - Feb 2021
  • Flavor - Creamy and sweet with notes of toffee and dates

It all began in the beginning of the 70s, when Héctor Daza started transforming La Pradera into a coffee paradise. The family has always had great respect for the biodiversity of the area and made sure that every coffee comes out of a balanced coexistence with the animal- and plant life.

After a few very challenging years during the 80s, Oscar took over management of the farm. This was not an easy transformation, but the intention of caring for nature persisted throughout. It was at this time Oscar decided to back up their hard work with certifications.

This is why the coffee from La Pradera-farm is now certified organic and certified Bird Friendly. Later, we will discuss why the Bird Friendly certification is a game changer.

Let’s talk about quality for a moment. Because it is important - and the quality of this coffee is excellent. When you as a coffee farmer decide to go for an organic certification, you have to make some smart and important decisions. The farmer needs to secure a resistance from disease in the plant, because he will not have the same defensive capabilities when he stops using pesticides.

In an organic environment, it is important to pick the right coffee variants. The variants need to have a high degree of resistance towards diseases - and this often comes at the cost of less flavour. But this is where the family at La Pradera does not compromise.

The Daza family has a broad selection of coffee variants. One of them is the Tabi variant. Tabi isn’t the most well known variant, so it is understandable if you have never heard of it before.

Tabi-coffee is relatively new. It is a result of many years of research at CeniCafé, Colombias Coffee Research Institute. With this variant they have achieved a high degree of resistance towards leaf rust by mixing the Typica and Timor Hybrid variants. Timor Hybrid is the only natural hybrid of Arabica and Robusta. The hybridization with Typica has been done in an effort to achieve even more amazing taste qualities from Arabica, to support the slightly more dull taste notes from Robusta.