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Suke Quto - Ethiopia | 250g

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Fantastic sweetness and mouthfeel with classic floral notes and like earl grey tea and peach.

Country: Ethiopia

Region: Guji

Washing station: Suke Quto

Variety: Kurume, Welicho

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1800-2000 moh

Harvest: March - April 2021

Certifications: Organic

Flavor: Bergamot and peach

Suke Quto is back and its better than ever. This year, it scores 2 points higher than last year with a cupping score of 89.25. At the same time, Trabocca, FairFood and Tesfaye Bekele have secured probably the most transparent traded coffee ever. Together they have Blockchained the whole process, so we can see details of all the steps from pictures of the receipts that each small farmer has received for the submission of their coffee berries. You can see it all right here: Suke Quto Blockchain.

This is the second year in a row that we buy coffee from the Suke Quto washing station in Guji Ethiopia. Last year the quality was fantastic, this year it is even better and scores a full 89.25. It testifies to the amazing work that Tesfaye and Trabocca are doing.

This alone was reason enough that we should of course have this coffee again, but Tesfaye and Trabocca have taken it even further. They have chosen to document everything about the trade in this coffee and have made everything available to all of us via Blockchain and FairFood.

Why is it so important? It is an important and fantastic step, which is completely in line with our other work of buying coffee. It is important if the small coffee farmers are to survive that we get opened up and become as transparent as possible about how we buy coffee. Many small coffee farmers do not know that there is an alternative to selling their coffee at underpaid market prices which only focus on quantity. The openness that this Blockchain shows, means that even more farmers get knowledgeabout the fact that there is an alternative where they can get a much better payment that is related to quality.

It gives hope for the future of the coffee farmers, as they from this point can see a reason to continue their work, and pass on their knowledge and passion to the new generations.