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Sweet Valley Espresso - Colombia | 250g

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Farm Los Cotuzos

Producer Carlos Mendez

Country El Salvador

Micro Region Apaneca

Altitude 1350masl

Variety Centroamericano

Processing Natural

Expect notes of wine gums, red jelly in a mellow typically El Salvadorian intensity

Los Cotuzos is located between Apaneca and Ataco in the Ahuachapan region of El Salvador. Owned by Carlos Mendez, they have won multiple awards including the Cup of Excellence in 2008 and 2010. Carlos is heavily involved in the production of their coffee and likes to focus on only the production of naturally processed coffees.

In recent times the plantation at Los Cotuzos has been expanding their catalogue of varieties to see what the potential is for new and exiting coffee’s. The variety Centroamericano is the result of the cross breeding of Timor and Sudan Rume. Although it’s an Timor F1 hybrid we’ve been rather surprised with the cup quality which is likely due to the amount of work that Carlos put into his farm every year.