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Koke Filter - Ethiopia | 250g

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Country Ethiopia

Region Yirgacheffe

Altitude 1800masl

Variety Dega, Kurume, Wolisho

Processing Natural

It’s quite floral and you can expect notes of blueberry, strawberry and lime candy.

This coffee comes from local smallholder farmers and is processed at the Koke washing station just outside of Yirgacheffe town, in the Gedeo zone. The Koke station has 10 fermentation tanks to process cherry and this coffee is made up of three varietals: Wolisho, Dega and Kudhume which grow locally in the Gedeo zone. The area has great growing conditions and is notorious for producing classic ‘Ethiopian’ coffee.

We’re always excited at this time of year and this is everything we love about natural Ethiopian coffee.Giddy up!