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Githiru - Kenia | 250g

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An intense peaberry selection from the Githiru station, with stewed forest berries balanced by a rich caramel sweetness. A fruity and rich coffee.

  • Githiru FCS Producer
  • Nyeri Region
  • 1900 masl Altitude
  • SL28 Varietal
  • Washed Process
  • January 2021 Harvest

This lot is from the Githiru station in Nyeri, the only station owned by the Githiru Farmer’s Cooperative Society. Similar to many cooperatives across Kenya this year, they have struggled with lower yields than normal, and an ageing farmer population means their future looks rather unstable. Attracting younger farmers through more sustainable business conditions and more involvement in the supply chain is also part of Long Miles’ aims for the future. Like many Kenyan lots from the mountainous southern slopes of Mount Kenya, the coffee that makes up this lot has been grown in fertile volcanic soil, rich in natural phosphorous, leading to both high quality and yield. Long Miles have looked for lots that are made up of over 90% SL28 and SL34, which leads to high quality in the cup due to the lack of rust resistant Robusta hybrids. The Peaberry selection of this lot leads to higher intensity in the cup, with rich and sweet stewed berries balanced by an intense sweetness and a syrup body.