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Vista Al Chirripó Geisha natural- Costa Rica | 125g

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Transparent and complex with notes of pineapple, strawberry and jasmin.

  • Country: Costa Rica
  • Region: Brunca, Café Rivense
  • Procucer: Urena Family
  • Variety: Geisha
  • Process: natural
  • Altitude: 1800-2000msl
  • Harvest: Nov 20 -Jan 21

It is very easy to taste the origin farm of this beautiful Geisha coffee if you have tasted our El Desafio and La Catarata. The distinct sweetness and beautiful flavor from the fermentation is just as we know and love from Cafe Rivense.

In this Geisha it is a little less intense than in the El desafio and at the same time it is balanced by the delicious floral flavor from the Geisha varietal.

Papa Régulo is the mastermind behind this coffee and his main focus was to create balance in this coffee. At the same time it is complex with multiple layers of flavor that opens up throughout the change in temperature. The main notes we pick up from this coffee is pineapple, strawberry and jasmine with a dextrose sweetness.

The coffee is shade grown in the beautiful land of Cafe Rivense in between two national parks. The area is filled with a fantastic biodiversity and natural wildlife. This symbiosis helps the Ureña family maintain