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San Cayetano natural - El Salvador | 250g

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Flavour profile: The natural process of this coffee gives us a big, mature cup with a sweet aroma. Flavour notes of dried fruits, milk chocolate and sweetness of raisinsand a finish of sherry. The coffee has a heavyweight and awine-like mouthfeel.
Colour: Deep purple
Category: Curious
Producer: Rafael and Carmen Silva Hoff with family
Farm: San Cayetano
Varietal: Red Caturra
February to March 2021
Region: Ahuachapán, Santa Ana
Process station: San Pedro owned by Rafael and Carmen Silva Hoff's
Process: Natural
Elevation: 1450 masl
Roast: Light to medium to present the natural characteristics of the coffee.

This is our Christmas Coffee of 2021, and its a sweet one! With notes of dried fruit and a sherry finish, it pairs perfectly with the intense, sweet and mature flavors of Christmas.

A Red Caturra from El Salvador associates with sweet milk chocolate and red apple flavors to us and so does this coffee! It is produced by our long-time friends Rafael and Carmen Silva Hoff, based in the Santa Ana region in El Salvador. This is the natural process of the Caturra, sweet as a Christmas morning.